Renovations: Series of 20 Common Costly Mistakes (14)

Mistake #14

14. TAKING ON TOO MUCH – Know your limitations. Don’t decide to tear out a bathroom if you can’t live with the mess that you will have for a while. Are you comfortable with just cosmetic updates or do you dream of taking down walls? Remember that a renovation has MANY moving parts and you have to be able to keep up with all the changes that can occur on a remodeling project.

Renovations: Series of 20 Common Costly Mistakes (10)

Mistake #10

10. GOING CHEAP ON YOUR MATERIALS – The old adage that you get what you pay for is especially true when you are renovating. Important things like electrical and plumbing are things you just can’t scrimp on. Save money on trendy tile but never scrimp on the important stuff.  Also hiring skilled labor and paying people for what they are worth is the most important part of your renovation.  If you are going to do it, do it well. If you can’t afford it then wait to do it right; you won’t regret it.

Renovations: Series of 20 Common Costly Mistakes (8)

Mistake #8

8. ELECTRICAL NEGLECT – A very common mistake made when renovating is not upgrading your electrical panel. The electrical panel needs to be up to code and before you do any kind of renovation or ever think about starting demo you need to walk the job with an electrician to make sure you have every detail handled before you ever begin removing walls. Lighting is one of THE most important elements in a home renovation; it can make or break a space and it can change the mood of a room. And remember there are three kinds of lighting: Accent Lighting, Task Lighting and Mood Lighting. Most people focus ONLY on task lighting and forget the other critical lighting types.

Renovations: Series of 20 Common Costly Mistakes (6)

Six Mistake

6. DOING YOUR OWN DEMOLITION – When you watch renovators doing a demo of their project on T.V. it appears to be some exciting event that marks the beginning of this fantastic journey.  But doing your own demo without expert guidance is like flying a jet with no training.  What if you hit a live wire when you are bashing that wall down, or a pipe full of water because you failed to turn the water off?  Don’t even think about removing anything from your home without professional guidance by your side. It is not just about the electric and the water but what if you are bashing down a wall full of asbestos? This is an area for the pros….if you want to help, be supervised but never do this on your own.