Clyde Hill

Clyde Hill is a non-charter Code City of almost 3,000 residents and 1100 homes. What is unique about Clyde Hill, in addition to the amazing views, is that the minimum lot size here is 20,000 square feet (although there are some that are smaller that were already built when the town was created). The city is only about one square mile, but there is a lot to be had in that square mile! The City of Clyde Hill has the unique distinction of spectacular views of Lake Washington, Mount Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, the Cascade Mountain range and the Seattle or Bellevue skyline from its many higher elevations. The City’s park-like towering evergreens and a lush profusion of northwestern foliage on public and private property are the pride of its friendly citizens and a delight to visitors. Visit Clyde Hill Info Page HERE!

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